How to make an indoor greenhouse for plants

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How to make an indoor greenhouse for plants

This is a greenhouse that I made a few years ago. The cost was approximately $35 to make the greenhouse. It uses the same process I teach in my store, but used different supplies. This greenhouse is in use and looks great, and the plants are growing quite nicely.

How to make a greenhouse for plants


These tools were necessary:

1) Screws

2) Hand Saw

3) A drill with 1/2″ and 1/4″ drill bits

4) Hinges

5) A dado blade

6) Sand paper

7) Greenhouse builder or diy paper

Step 1

I started off by making a frame. You need to measure your greenhouse first. Measure and see where you are going to put your frame, and what direction your frame needs to be going. From the inside of your greenhouse, measure where the bottom two beams will be. Mark the top of each beam with a pencil. If you are using 2×4’s and 2×6’s make sure that you add an extra piece between the two beams. This way the hinges can hold the beams together with no gaps.

The roof frame goes first, so grab your two 2×4’s and two 2×6’s, and a dado blade. Cut the four pieces that are longer than the bottom two beams. You will use these to help cut the top beams of the roof into an H shape. To make the H shape, cut off the two corners with a dado blade, then make a 45 degree cut. Once you have done that on the two corners, flip the 2×4 and 2×6 to make a 90 degree cut.

Cut the rest of the pieces to length, and when you are finished, cut the four 2×4’s in half to make eight 2×4’s. This will be your roof beams.

The next step is to cut the inside walls of the greenhouse. Start by taking a long piece of scrap wood, and use the hand saw to make a rectangle shape. I used 3 pieces of scrap wood to cut this.

When you are done with the rectangle, cut the rectangle in half to make two 50’s. This will be your inside walls.

Next step is to cut the 2×4’s that make up the roof. I made it easier to do this by taking off a few pieces. Do this by placing two 2×4’s at the ends, and cut them as needed to make the roof.

Remember that you are making an H shape out of the 2×4’s on the roof, so cut off the ends with a dado blade.

Once you have cut the 2×4’s to length, glue the top pieces into an H shape. Using screws will allow you to hold the pieces together.

When you are finished with the frame, you can cut the plastic greenhouse builder paper into pieces for the rest of your greenhouse.

Step 2

Now that you have your frame cut, you need to do something to the greenhouse builder paper. This can be done by using sand paper. This is to make a smooth surface on the greenhouse builder paper.

When you are done with the sand paper, you can cut your greenhouse builder paper into pieces.

Step 3

Time for the roof. You have to make the roof right, or the whole greenhouse is going to collapse. To make your roof, you need to take two pieces of 2×4’s and two pieces of 2×6’s, and a hinge. I cut the 2×4’s in half.

I started out with three 2×4’s, and two 2×6’s. I am doing a simple frame because you are going to cut and bend them. Make sure that you have clamps that are sturdy, because this will be a lot of bending.

When you are finished with bending the frame, cut off the ends of the 2×4’s and 2×6’s with a dado blade. This will leave you with a nice flat surface for the 2×4’s and 2×6’s to rest on.

Make sure that you can bend the hinge. If you bend the hinge, do not stress it or it will break. The frame can be painted any color you want. I just used green for this greenhouse.

Step 4

Time to start the greenhouse builder paper. First I cut out the bottom piece, because I want the greenhouse to be able to stand up on it’s own.Make sure to make a rectangle, because we will be using sand paper to make the top smooth.

Once you are finished cutting out the greenhouse builder paper, get some tape.

Step 5

On the bottom greenhouse builder paper, cut off the ends of the bottom piece with a dado blade. This will make the base flat.

Now you need to cut the greenhouse builder paper in half. This will allow you to cut out the top piece of the frame. The same dado blade will be used for this.

Cut out a rectangle to make the sides of the frame. Sand paper the rectangle, and make it smooth.

Step 6

Now you have to cut the top piece for the roof. Take the two 2×4’s and two 2×6’s that you have cut from the hinge. Get out your dado blade, and cut the top pieces for the frame.

Once you are finished with cutting, cut off the ends with a dado blade.

I attached the roof to the top piece of the frame by taping the top piece onto the two 2×4’s that make up the frame. This way if there are any gaps, the roof is able to go on it’s own.

Step 7

Now you have to make some feet. I used a 2×4 for


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